Thursday, August 18, 2016

Whispers of Grace

Whispers of Grace

The light creeps through the curtains. It rolls over the carpet and reaches me.   

A moment, stillness before the motion of the day begins.

Whispered words in the quiet of the kitchen. "Good morning. I love you." 

Everyone going. The rush of time begins. Snacks, a sip of coffee, someone starting on school. 

The back door closes.

I slip away to the quiet to meet with you. Here you are waiting. I open my Bible and look for you there in the pages. Words that hold promise.  You whisper, "Good morning, I love you."

And your mercy washes over me in the light of the new day. 

It is a warm embrace that holds hope and the assurance that You are with me.  You see my struggles. You will be close. "Do not fear." You say.

"I will not fear." I answer, "as long as You are with me."

My soul whispers it's longings to you, and you hear.

The back door closes. Smiles greet me. The sound of dishes clanking hovers above the other noises. I break into the motion of life in progress. "My confidence is in You." I say.

As the messiness of life rolls on across the carpet, the hardwood floors, the blades of grass.