Monday, May 15, 2017

Water, Water - Bonita Y. McCoy

Psalm 114: 7-8
Shudder and quake, O you earth, at the sight of the Lord. The God of Jacob comes, who turns rock into pools of refreshing water and flint into fountains of life-giving streams!

There is nothing too hard for God.

Psalm 114 reminds us that God caused life-giving, refreshing water to come from rocks and flint.
The Holy Spirit, that living water that resides in us, also sprung out of the hard ground - of our hearts and produces Godly fruit in our lives .

God is good at creating something from nothing.

Barren wombs, barren lands, barren lives are no match for the power of our God.

No desert is too dry or too hard or too wide. We need to trust Him with the deserts in our lives, the rocky areas that no one else knows about.

He can meet our needs with the life-giving, refreshing work of the Holy Spirit.

Challenge: Let us take time today to praise Him for the river of living water that flows out of our hearts John 7: 37-38, and let's give Him the dry areas of our lives, so that they too can be turned into areas of use for the Lord.

Finding God's beautiful pieces of grace,