Monday, November 14, 2016

Loving - Bonita Y. McCoy

"Lovest thou me?" "Feed my sheep."                    
In this, Jesus tells us how to love Him.

It is through connecting our interest to His interest in people that we show our love for Him (Oswald Chambers).

We cannot say we love God and not love people -

Love must be seen woven throughout our day as we go about the art of living.

We reach to be
patient, showing kindness.

We avoid being
arrogant or rude or indecent.

We strive to
not get bent out of shape or absorbed in our self.

We celebrate
truth - completely delighting in it.

We forgive
the wrongs of others because how often are we the ones in the wrong.

Love puts up with anything and everything, because the God of love is long suffering with us 
(1Cor 13:4-7) The Voice Bible. 

When we feed His people, we become the living, breathing love of God to them.  If you love me, then feed my sheep.

The practice of loving people is the practice of loving God.

Today, let God's love flow through you and touch someone who may need it.

Your people need your love. Fill us, so that we may fill others.