Monday, September 25, 2017

The Wonderful, Terrible Emotional Spectrum - Bonita Y. McCoy

Have you ever had a day where your emotions ran the gamut?
Where you zinged from happy to crying with a little mad thrown into the mix just to make things fun.

I have! Recently.

These kinds of days make my head spin. But they serve to remind me about the vast array of emotions we humans experience and that God is the giver of emotions.

Why crazy, up and down emotions? You might ask. Because He created us in His image and He feels – deeply.

The Eternal God loves, delights, and is jealous over His children.

This got me to thinking. His emotional range must encompass so much more than ours. Like the spectrum of light, we only see a portion of what is there.

We only feel a fraction of what these emotions hold.

God first loved us, and He did it while we were yet sinners.

A spectrum of love too wide for us to fathom. 

Yet, He calls us to love our enemies.

Impossible? Yes, for us, but nothing is impossible with God.

When we let God’s love pour through us, our capacity to love, show grace, and forgive grows beyond the spectrum we know and slides into His forgiveness, His kindness, His love.

Today thank God for the experience of emotions and embrace the fact that He loves you. Then pour that love into someone else.

Finding God's Beautiful Pieces of Grace,