Monday, September 26, 2016

Help is within a breath - Bonita Y. McCoy

The preacher says that help is only a breath away.

He is right. I forget some days.

 I have been trained too well to depend on self.  Too often, I don't call out for help until I think there is no other answer. Until I come to the end of me. 

But with a breath, I can call on the One who created all and is in all and holds all together (Col. 1:17).

His name is so like our breath. Breathe in and feel His life; breathe out and hear His name, YHWH  (Ann Voskamp).

We are blessed that we can whisper His name, and He hears us, forgives us, loves us.

I need to practice running to him first not last. I need to practice the art of praying without ceasing throughout the day moving the mundane into the holy by prayer. 

I need to practice hearing His name on my breath and recognizing it as a prayer of affirmation that He is God and I am not.

Help is there. He is there. Yoke yourself with the Lord for His is easy and His burden light.  Ours is heavy when we don't ask for help and try to do all the pulling ourselves.

The preacher is right. Help is only a breath away.