Monday, May 8, 2017

Forgetful Me - Bonita Y. McCoy

Psalm 113: 3 (The Voice Bible)
At every time and in every place - from the moment the sun rises to the moment the sun sets - may the name of the Eternal be high in the hearts of His people.

 I am a forgetful woman. I've reached the age where I can enter a room and wonder, "Now, why did I come in here?" It's frustrating.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this phenomena.

Well, as a Christian, I sometimes forget things I should know about  God's Word.
I forget what it says about how I should handle situations in my life.
I forget what it says about how I need to act towards others.
And I even forget sometimes what it says about how I am to act towards God.

Too often, I go to Him with my requests, wants, or desires wrapped up and focused solely on self.

But God is pleased when we remember to praise Him, when we place Him "high in our hearts."

The verse goes on to say to praise Him all day long, where ever we may be.

I love that!

We have access to God all day long, everywhere we are, and we can praise Him for who He is.

  • Glorious
  • Eternal
  • All knowing
  • Lord over all the earth
  • Creator
  • Wonderful
  • Counselor
  • Mighty 
  • The beginning and the end
Verse five in the same chapter asks "To whom should we compare the Eternal, our God?"
And all God's children answer, "No one."

He can not be compared, only praised. 

So, This is a reminder for all my fellow forgetful folks -  Praise the Eternal, all day long, all along the way. And if you hear me mumbling to myself, it's just a sign of the times. 

Finding God's beautiful pieces of grace,