Monday, April 17, 2017

Transition - Bonita Y. McCoy

photo by Yvette McCoy

Transition Mama. That's me. I'm in the middle of my story, the story of life, and now, its time to move on to a new chapter. But...

After homeschooling for twenty years, I've found it daunting to turn that page. I guess because I know that I will be saying good-bye to the routines, habits, and rhythms of life that have sustained us for so long.

We know we do school in the morning, then we goof off in the afternoon. We know we tackle math, Bible, and any heavy reading before we do writing. We know we make our beds, get dressed, and eat before ten o'clock. We know this. I know this. It's the familiar.

Now, I'm looking at this new chapter. I don't even see a title. It's kind of hazy like someone dropped peanut butter on the page, leaving a mess of uncertainty clumped where the title should be.

But God reminds me - I have opened the door. I will turn the page. I will write the title to this next chapter just as I have for all the rest.

A deep sense of relief floods me.  I don't have to thrash about looking for what should be, because the Great I Am already has a plan.

Yes. He does.

My part? I need to trust, listen, and obey.

Trust that he has me and that nothing will separate me from his love.
Listen to his instructions and follow his Holy Word.
Obey when he directs, knowing that he works all things together for my good.

Is it all clear? No. But then that wouldn't require faith. Instead, the peanut butter remains.
But in his good timing, he will wipe it away to reveal the next thing, and it will be good.

Then the routines, and the habits, and the rhythms of life that I so crave will come, and we'll be off on that adventure.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

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