Monday, June 5, 2017

Changing Expectations

For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and He examines all your paths.
Proverbs 5:21 (NIV)

 Have you ever thought you knew what you wanted and then later realized God knew better?

That’s what happened to me and my dear husband last week.

We had decided back in March to sell our RV, Seymour.

In order to make the decision, we talked about how little we had been using it. How neither one of us likes to own something and watch it deteriorate. We discussed how bad it was for the engine to just sit.

We reminisced about the fun we had in the RV and the places we had gone as a family. We wanted others to have that experience. Then, we added that the boys are grown, and we are passing into a new season of life. 
We both agreed, “It’s time to sell, Seymour.”

But Seymour wouldn’t sell. We did everything your supposed to do. We prayed. We posted it on Craigslist. We told friends and family.  Still, it did not sell.

March went by, then April, and May. Several people came to look; a few even took Seymour for a spin, but no one wanted to buy our beloved RV.

Finally, near the end of May, we were sitting on our porch discussing again why we wanted to sell the RV when a new idea presented itself. It floated into my mind like it had wings from above. “Why don’t we trade Seymour in for something you could use at the hunting camp?”

We had dismissed using Seymour at the camp because of its engine, but a pull behind would be different.

My dear husband loved this thought. He went that week to see what the trade-in value would be. Guess What? It matched the price we had Seymour listed for on Craigslist.

So, on Saturday, we went and traded Seymour for a travel trailer that we can put out at the hunting camp when not being used for other adventures. To top it off, it was an even trade. 

God must not be done, having us roam the country side, and I’m kind of glad about it. He met our need by changing our expectations and our thinking. I can't wait to see what is a head for us in our travel trailer. 

Challenge: It’s hard to wait on the Lord when you’re trying to move forward whether in a day or in a season of life, but God sees the paths before us and knows the plans He has for us.  Be willing to wait and change your expectations to meet His.