Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Mars, Cars, and the Bethlehem Star - Bonita Y. McCoy

“Stay true to my directives, and they will serve you well; make my teachings the lens through which you see life.”  Proverbs 7:2 (The Voice Bible).

Sharp words cutting into people’s hearts. One person’s foul mood breaking apart someone else’s joy.  A wrecking ball that leaves mars across a moment or a day.

An opportunity to push through to have the joy of the Lord, anyway. A learning experience to make softer, kinder words and release them into the world.

A dented car. A chance to love people and not things. A remembering of the time you were in their shoes.

Everything is fixable. And everyone redeemable. That’s what Jesus thinks. That’s why He came.

An older woman in a nursing home seated in a wheelchair. Music pressing in around her as the visitors from a church sing a holiday song. She praises God with raised arms and closed eyes.

“So, glad you sang the Bethlehem Star – I’ve tried to remember the words all day,” she says.

A small kindness of God to meet our needs even for those who might be out of sight, forgotten.
Not forgotten by her Lord – her Jesus.

These are the classrooms of life that God walks us through, to grow us more like Himself.
This year be a student. Make God’s teachings the lens through which you view life, so you will grow and stretch and be like Him.

May God’s blessings flow to you as you begin this new year.

Finding God’s grace,
Bonita Y. McCoy