Monday, December 5, 2016

The Gift of Peace - Bonita Y. McCoy

Psalm 29:11
We ask you, Eternal One, to give strength to your people; Eternal One, bless them with the gift of peace (The Voice Bible).
The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace (NIV).

Peace is a gift given by the Father.

 I do not refer simply to the peace between nations though our nation does enjoy peace.

We do not hide in bunkers because bombs sail through the air nor do most of us scramble through wreckage and rubble looking for our next meal as too many in other countries do.

This type of peace is a blessing – a great blessing.

But I speak of the peace within our souls – that peace that Jesus gives. “Peace I leave with you…” Then he tells us “let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.”

This peace comes from abiding in our Lord and his abiding in us.

This peace brings with it security, hope, purpose, and a sense of well-being.
It gives us the ability even when our hearts are troubled and afraid to know where to find strength. It gives us a place to lean.

It is that peace that surpasses all understanding. It is the gift that rescues us his children like a float when life gets too crazy. It is a peace that bubbles up within us, and we can hear him say to the wind and waves, “peace, be still.”

This Christmas Season let us remember God’s gift of peace and draw strength for our souls from it.

We press into you asking for your peace.
Help us to demonstrate your peace and love to your world around us.